iOS Developer

Cresskill, New Jersey, United States Full-time

Are you passionate about iOS, home automation gadgets, and building great products? if so, we want to hear from you!   At Olibra we are building the Bond, an iOT device that serves as a bridge between mobile phones and home climate appliances such as ceiling fans and air conditioners.  We believe in hiring people who love what they do, so if you are a creative and collaborative developer with an interest in controlling the physical world, we'd love to have you join our team and help us turn our working prototypes into an outstanding product

As a member of our Development Team, you'll be building our iOS App and working closely with our hardware and backend team teams to architect and test the system overall. 

The Qualifications

  • 3-4 years of professional experience with iOS
  • Must have published one or more applications in the App Store
  • Agile, iterative, test-driven development
  • Self-motivated with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Dedicated and have strong attention to detail
  • Strong time management and organizational skills to drive projects to completion
  • Action-oriented, diligent, and flexible

Specific Responsibilities

  • Develop and improve the iOS app with emphasis on both detail and sound overall architecture
  • Track changes with well-described single-issue GIT commits
  • Communicate with the Bond device and server cloud via RESTful APIs and MQTT feeds
  • Sync in-app database state with information stored on the Bond device and the server cloud
  • Upload usage analytics and error reports to server for monitoring and analysis
  • Help setup continous integration automated build and testing of the app both in isolation and in the context of the entire Bond system
  • Coordinate with the Android team to achieve parallel functionality

Bonus Points

  • Python
  • Familiarity with Selenium and Appium  and other testing solutions
  • Database Schema Design and Indexing
  • Ruby on Rails web development
  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, RDS), Alexa Skills
  • Experience compiling open source tools for OSX and/or Linux
  • Microcontroller or Embedded Systems experience

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